Aims and Objectives


The graduate program in Biotechnology is a joint interdisciplinary program of the five Departments namely Biology, Chemistry, Food Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Chemical Engineering offering M.Sc. and Ph. D. degrees with thesis. Biotechnology will result only from integration of multiplicity of scientific diciplines and technologies, including microbiology, biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, bioinformatics, chemistry, chemical and process engineering, metabolic engineering and more recently a variety of -omics. As a merger of science and business, biotechnology industry demands a multi-disciplinary workforce skilled in basic-research, product development, regulatory affairs, technology transfer and commercialization. Accordingly, the mission of the Biotechnology Program is to promote education and research in biotechnology and provide academic and professional excellence for immediate productivity in industrial, governmental, or clinical settings for an ultimate benefit of society and environment.


The research activities of our faculty members have focused on drug discovery and design, structural biology, microbial biotechnology, agricultural biotechnology, enzyme technology, gene technologies, metabolic engineering, biomaterials and tissue engineering, biosensors and food biotechnology. Collaborations among researchers from seemingly disparate fields are greatly encouraged.


The program is generally offered to students having B.Sc. degree in any of the contributing departments. Graduates of medical schools and other disciplines are also admitted after successfully completing an appropriate Scientific Preparation Program.