Elective Courses


You can choose your electives either from the following list or any other technical courses available in the university. These are the courses suggested by our department as electives.


BTEC 510-Fungal Biotechnology

BTEC 702-Plant Molecular Markers and Aplications in Genome Analysis

BTEC 704-Advances in Transgenic Plant Utilization in Agriculture

BTEC 705-Current Techniques in Protein-Protein Interactions

BTEC 707-Advanced Topics in Nanobiotechnology

BTEC 708-Advanced Light Microscopy

BTEC 709-Synthetic Biology

BTEC 711-Advances in Agricultural Biotechnology

BCH 501-Free Radicals in Biochemical Systems

BCH 503-Intermediary Metabol. and its Regulation 

BIN 503-Biological Databases and Data Analysis Tools

BIN 504-Probabilistic and Statistical Modeling for Bioinformatics

BIN 506-Protein and DNA Sequence Analysis

BIN 510-Introduction to Pathway Bioinformatics

BIN 711-Applications of Bioinformatics in Molecular Biology

BIN 714-Microarray Data Analysis and Informatics

BIO 503-Intermediary Metabolism and its Regulation

BIO 505-Advanced Molecular Genetics

BIO 506-Radiation Biology

BIO 509-Enzyme Kinetics

BIO 510-Structure and Function of Biological Membranes

BIO 512-Quantitative Problems in Biochemistry

BIO 513-Biology of Cancer

BIO 514-Biomaterials

BIO 523-Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology

BIO 527-Transgenic Plant Technology

BIO 528-Quantitative Genetics

BIO 529-Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

BIO 532-Experiments in Molecular Genetics

BIO 533-Enzyme Technology

BIO 537-Genetic Engineering

BIO 538-Advanced Molecular Biology

BIO 539-DNA Repair

BIO 541-Advanced Microbiology

BIO 543-Experimental Enzymology

BIO 544-Control Mechanisms in Molecular Biology

BIO 546-Plant Genetics and Breeding

BIO 552-Secondary Metabolites of Industrial Microorganisms

BIO 554-Macromolecules in Biomedicine and Biotechnology

BIO 562-Spectroscopy of Biological Moleculesand Membranes

BIO 580-Controlled Release Systems and Drug Targeting

BIO 584-Advances in Biomaterials

BIO 586-Human Genetics

BIO 702-Advances in Applied Microbiology

BIO 705-Protein Structure, Function and Stability

BIO 709-Physicochemical Properties of Membranes

BIO 715-Genomics and Proteomics

BIO 728-Structure and Function of Biomolecules

BIO 729-Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders

BIO 733-Neuroendocrinology

BIO 734-Molecular Biology Of Inflamatory Pathways

BIO 745-Principles of Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Microscopy

BIO 746-Experimental Techniques in Immunology

BIO 754-Computational Biology Using R

BME 501-Introduction To Biomedical Engineering

CHE 443-Downsteam Processing of Bioproducts

CHE 490-Fundamentals of Biochemical Engineering

CHE 513-Biochemical Reaction Engineering

CHE 517-Metabolic Engineering

CHE 529-Bioseperation Engineering

CHE 578 Biotechnology Process Principles

CHE 512-Multiphase Reactors

CHEM 568-Biomedical Materials
CHEM 718-Nanochemistry

CHEM 728-Chemical Analysis and Modification Techiques of Biomaterials

ENVE 532-Environmental Biotechnology

ENVE 541-Anaerobic Treatment of Wastes

ENVE 531-Environmental Applications of Biomolecular Engineering

ES 704-Tissue Engineering

FDE 403-Food Biotechnology I

FDE 515-Enzyme Engineering

FDE 571-Advanced Food Biochemistry

FDE 572-Advanced Food Microbiology

FDE 587-Rheological Meth. in Food Eng.

FDE 703-Kinetics Analysis of the Gly.Pat.Fungi

FDE 718-Sp.Topics in Food Eng: Microbial Genotyping in Food Microbiology

GENE 751-Integrated Signal Transduction: Concepts and Approaches

METE 522-Bioceramics

METE 560-Polymer Nanocomposites

PHYS 518-Simulations of Many Particle Systems

PHYS 557-Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

PST 501-Polymer Chemistry

PST 508-Characterization Techniques for Polymeric Materials